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Our Team

Myles Snider, CEO

Prior to Aurora EOS, Myles was a research associate at Multicoin Capital. While there, he developed deep expertise on EOS and became well-regarded within the community. During his time at Multicoin, he published many of the crypto industry’s most respected research reports, including three specifically about EOS. Myles fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2014 and was an early BitShares adopter as he was fascinated by decentralized stablecoins. He became intimately familiar with Dan Larimer’s Graphene framework and has been following EOS closely since its inception. He is actively involved in the EOS community, the crypto investor community, and more. He also built The Stablecoin Index, an open-source tool for tracking and comparing stablecoins.

Tim Ogilvie, CTO

Tim has spent 20 years starting and operating technology companies. Most recently, Tim founded Y-Combinator-backed Think Gaming, a SaaS data platform focused on mobile games. Previously, he was founder and CEO of AdBuyer.com, an early demand side platform (sold to Mediaocean), and was a pre-launch employee at two successful consumer internet companies, Interactive Search Holdings and Pronto (both sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp). He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Seth Riney, Head of Infrastructure

Seth has architected and implemented large-scale big data pipelines and devops systems on AWS at Paytronix, a provider of loyalty solutions, and OM1, a health outcomes and registries company focused on the measurement and prediction of treatment outcomes. Previously, Seth was the CTO of Haystagg, a real-time ad bidding technology start-up. Seth has considerable experience consulting on cloud security and compliance in the Financial Services/Securities industry. He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Astronomy & Physics.


Tushar Jain, Multicoin Capital

Managing Partner

Kyle Samani, Multicoin Capital

Managing Partner

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