A Governed Blockchain is Only as Reliable as its Voters

We provide most comprehensive analysis on the EOS ecosystem so you can make the best decisions possible.

The Leading Block Producer for the Informed Voter

Well-informed voters are essential to the prosperity and longevity of the network. We focus our resources on education, market development, and bridging the gaps between disparate community participants in order to achieve consensus and propel the network forward.

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Investing in the Future of the Network

Highly Secure

Our block producing nodes are hidden and never connected to the internet. We also use hardware signing modules, encrypted vaults, and multi-layer protection to defend against malicious actors. We avoid single points of failure by running our setup across multiple data centers and cloud providers.

Super Performant

Our endpoints are capable of supporting an extremely high number of transactions. All of our infrastructure is containerized and orchestrated through Kubernetes, which makes it redundant and adaptable with no impact on uptime. We monitor our servers 24/7 to react quickly and efficiently to changing network conditions. 

Continuous Scaling

We’ve designed all of our infrastructure with growth in mind. Our infrastructure is code, which allows us to deploy into additional servers, and onto bare-metal servers at will. We’re committed to using our resources to scale up our hardware, integrate new EOSIO features, and continue to make EOS the most scalable blockchain in existence. 

Aurora EOS is firmly against vote-buying of any kind. We believe the practice degrades the security and quality of the network and its validator set. We will never purchase votes.

Ethics & Compliance